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Zuckerberg “Angrily” Calls Obama to Stop Using Facebook to Spy and Infect Computers with Spying Software

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Zuckerberg “Angrily” Calls Obama to Stop Using Facebook to Spy and Infect Computers with Spying Software


Perhaps ?angry? is not the accurate word to describe Mark Zuckerberg’s attitude, especially if he was talking to the ?most powerful man on the planet?.

But, reports generating online do indicate that the Facebook top honcho was indeed ?peeved? when he made a phone call to President Barack Obama to discuss reports that the NSA (of the Snowden / spying scandal) was utilizing spurious Facebook sites to ?hijack? users of the social network in order to ? implant? spying software in the user’s computers.

Hold on. Before you cancel your Facebook accounts, Zuckerberg and his chief security guy, Joe Sullivan, have made adequate steps to foil any fake websites that pretend to be the Facebook portal. Sullivan happens to be a former Federal prosecutor and seemingly knows how to fight back against his former employer. The 45 year old security expert said that the NSA tactics in employing fake Facebook sites can no longer be done. Sullivan revealed to a room full of media in the Facebook HQ at Menlo Park, CA, that ? That particular attack is not viable… It hasn?t been viable since the company rolled out what?s called SSL data encryption for all its web traffic, a?process?it completed in the summer of last year.?

The Facebook encryption is not full proof however, according to external security specialists. The SSL data encryption however makes it much harder for the NSA and other ?spy? organizations to ?impersonate? the social network site.

Sullivan downplayed the security incident by saying that the NSA ?site-jacking? that apparently resulted from the Edward Snowden ?leaks? is no big deal and that Facebook’s security protocols are still pretty much the same.

Industry watchers noted however, that Sullivan’s statements contradict the sentiment expressed by Zuckerberg on his Facebook page. In his post, Mark Zuckerberg did not hide his disgust over the NSA practice and even called for massive changes in the policies of the US government.

Like Facebook, the major internet players like Microsoft, Yahoo and Google have taken precautions in safeguarding their web traffic from the clutches of the NSA and other cyber spies and hackers.


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