Project CSX by ZTE: Plain Genius Or Just Sheer Laziness?

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Project CSX

After companies like Kraft, Starbucks, Dell and GE have started the ?crowd sourcing? scheme, it seems that other companies too are seeing its benefits. For those in the dark, crowd sourcing is basically the tech-term for ?general public polling? where you ask people to come up with new ideas. These ideas could be as simple as a new type of brew, a recipe, and to some extent – a new product. Just recently, ZTE – a Chinese multinational telecommunications equipment and systems company – has launched their Project CSX.

The Project CSX is ZTE?s crowdsourcing community where they ask the public to come up with the next possible product for the company. However, this campaign is set with some ground rules.

Firstly, the product must be a mobile device with the minimal capability of being able to connect wirelessly. Be it cellular, WiFi or Bluetooth.

Secondly, the product in question must be realistic by 2017. Meaning, the technology to make such a device must exist by next year.

And finally, this new product should be affordable for the general public.

In other words, no crazy ideas.

ZTE Project CSX

Well, that sounds reasonable. However, is this really necessary? To some, this might seem that ZTE is basically running out of ideas or just too lazy to think of a new one. While others will laud this enterprise as being bold and daring, it could be innovative and ground breaking.


For those who want to participate, ZTE has divided the ?competition? in two phases – Big Idea and Product Concept. The Big Idea phase is where the public will pitch in what kind of product they think ZTE should make. While the Product Concept phase is where people submit their ideas for the actual product based on the top-three ideas from the previous phase.

Big idea submission period is between August 3 to August 31, 2016. After that, there will be a voting period of one month – September 1 to 30 – where the top three ideas will be chosen in the end. While the polling is happening, the second phase will kick off on September 12 and will last until end of the same month.

Next, the public will vote for the top five concepts between October 1 and October 10. From the top ?five products participants will then decide, though vote between October 12 and 19, which one is the ultimate winner.


ZTE has laid out the prizes as follows:

  • Top Five Reviewers in the Big Idea Phase – $100 each
  • Top Five Reviewers in the Product Concept Phase – $100 each
  • Top Three Vote Winners in Big Idea Phase – $500 each
  • Top Five Vote Winners in the Product Concept Phase – $1500 each
  • Grand Prize Winner for the Product Concept Phase – Trip to CES 2017 with a guest

It is worth mentioning that the ?monetary prizes? are in the form of e-gift cards.

For those who are interested in participating in ZTE?s Project CSX, follow this link.

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