?Zootopia? Tightens Hold On Top Spot In Box Office Chart

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And ?Zootopia? does it again.

The film is taking the theater by storm.

The highly-acclaimed Disney movie added to its total earnings of USD 51.3 million this week to strengthen its hold at no. 1 on the North American box office chart, according to an article of Yahoo. The film also topped last week?s chart.

How much ?Zootopia? has earned by this time?

It has now collected a total of USD 144 million. It must be noted that this Disney film has also set a record during its debut last week, beating the previous record of another Disney film, ?Frozen,? in 2013.

The movie talks about rabbit police officer, Judy Hopps, who partners with a fox to curb crimes in metropolis, the ?Zootopia.?

On other film news, ?10 Cloverfield Lane? is trailing in second place earning USD 24.7 million in its debut week. According to industry tracker Exhibitor Relations, as posted in Yahoo report, the total earnings of the film exceeded their expected gross for its first week.

Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens? director J.J. Abrams claims that the horror film, which is starred by John Goodman and John Gallagher Jr., is a spiritual sequel of the original movie that opened in theaters in 2008 with USD 40.1 million.

Blockbuster film ?Deadpool,? on the other hand, remains in the top three, amassing USD 10.9 million and making its total earnings at USD 328.2 million in over five-week run. The film, starring Ryan Reynolds, also made history as being the fastest rising R-rated movie in the box office ever.

Meanwhile, the Gerard Butler and Morgan Freeman-starred film ?London Has Fallen? fell to fourth place after garnering only USD 10.8 million in its second week. This is after a strong first week showing. Rounding up the top five is “Whiskey Tango Foxtrot” which earned USD 4.7 million this week. The story lies on Kim Barker?s memoirs, back when she was still a reporter in the war-torn countries of Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Here are the other five films to complete the top 10 this week as cited by Yahoo:

  1. “The Perfect Match,” USD4.3 million
  2. “The Young Messiah,” USD3.3 million
  3. “The Brothers Grimsby,” USD3.26 million
  4. “Gods of Egypt,” USD2.5 million
  5. “Risen,” USD2.3 million

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