?Zootopia? Disney Movie: Shakira Joins Voice Cast, Plot, Release Date Revealed

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Disney introduces to us a whole new world with their new movie ?Zootopia,? a story of a society where animals can talk and walk like people and surprisingly have their own style of clothing. Disney made a successful run at the biannual D23 convention at the Anaheim Convention Center in California showcasing some of the upcoming films that they have in store for everyone including what may be one of the best Walt Disney Animation movie yet.

Zootopia Metropolis

Zootopia brings us to a new kind of environment where there are human-like animals doing what normal people tend to do. Disney came up with their original concepts of places like the Sahara Square for jungle-loving type, Tundratown, which has coolers on the sidewalk, Little Rodentia, and the Burrows, for bunnies, from the D23 expo.

Shakira joins the voice cast

Grammy Award Winner Shakira has also joined the hilarious ensemble of Zootopia with Jason Bateman, who will play the role of a fox named Nick Wilde, and Ginnifer Goodwin, a rabbit name Judy Hopps. Shakira will voice the character of Gazelle, the biggest pop star in Zootopia, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The Australian singer will also pull off an original song for the move titled ?Try Everything,? shared by The Hollywood Reporter.

According to the filmmakers, ?Zootopia? is all about biases and stereotypes. ?Judy is a real optimist and she lives by the mantra that in Zootopia, anybody can be anything,? according to Screenwriter Phil Johnston, from ?Wreck-it-Ralph.? Byron Howard, known for the movie ?Tangled,? then announced how the amazing medium can address complicated issues without targeting them head-on, shared on the D23 expo. ?You get to appreciate the message of the movie without it being in your face.?

The upcoming film will be directed by none other than Bryon Howard and Rich Moore, creator of ?Wreck-it-Ralph.? With the amazing cast of Disney?s new movie all in set, waiting is definitely going to be rather tricky. ?Zootopia? is set to release on March 4, 2016, shared by The Hollywood Reporter.

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