Zootopia a Certified Hit

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Wow! What a movie? Those who have watched Zootopia will not deny that it is one splendid animation film by Disney. Zootopia is a certified hit as it received 100% rating on the review site ?Rotten Tomatoes.?

According to Wrap, though the movie has a desired score (100%) that is not very ?extraordinary?, but it?s ?pretty rare? when it is based on more than 75 reviews.

?[More than 75] reviews at 100 percent is very unusual,? Rotten Tomatoes Editor-in-Chief Matt Atchity told the website. ??Zootopia? could be on that road to breaking records.?

Atchity is very positive about the film and is of the view that Zootopia ?will stay at 98 percent or 99 percent in the long run.? He said, ?The movie has something to say, and that may leave some critics questioning the movie. I?d be really surprised if no one takes the negative side.?

The movie talks about important issues of our society which have been well blended with entertainment for kids including funny jokes and good music (Shakira’s Try Everything is a treat to hear) that makes the movie worth watching.

One of the most hilarious parts of the movie is when the sloths talk (sitting at their counters). And that is extremely slow. However, it is very enjoyable too. Their super slow gestures of smiling, turning faces sideways, the slow typing on the keyboard are something to watch. Zootopia is one movie that is apt for children as well as grown-ups.

In critic Jeffrey K. Howard?s view, Zootopia is ?one of Disney’s best-animated films ever.? Al Alexander from The Patriot Ledger feels that Zootopia ?should serve as a terrific inspiration for little girls to dream big and aspire high.? However he also says about the bigger message of the movie which is of ?tolerance and understanding.?
Dirk Libbey of CinemaBlend says that ?Zootopia isn’t simply another fun Disney animated movie. It’s one of the greatest Disney animated movies the company has ever produced.? Zootopia earned a whopping $73.7 million which is the biggest opening ever for Walt Disney Animation Studios, according to Comic Book.

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