Zoolander 2 Trailer And Release Date Revealed: Plot Shows All-Star Cast Including Penelope Cruz, Justin Bieber, Usher, Miley Cyrus And More

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Derek and Hans return to the catwalk as the first official trailer for Zoolander 2 has just been revealed by Paramount Pictures. Ben Stiller?s upcoming sequel surely won?t disappoint in this one-of-a-kind action comedy film for fans across the globe.

Check out the full trailer here:

Old and lame fashion models

The trailer introduces two former fashion supermodels being mocked by the fashion industry as the ?Old? Derek Zoolander (Ben Stiller) and the ?lame? Hans (Owen Wilson) strut their ?old and lame? stuff at the catwalk. The former rivals return to the fashion world and will have a new fashion rival to duel with ? a supermodel of an unclear gender played by Benedict Cumberbatch. It?s relaxing to see that Cumberbatch once in a while can play a funny yet disturbing role once in a while.

Interpol asks for help

Unfortunately, Derek and Hans rivalry with the ambiguous model is the least of their problems. A mysterious killer is on the loose and is picking out the world?s most beautiful people, which includes Justin Bieber of course. But puzzling occurrences happen as all of the victims of the killer take a selfie copying the famous Blue Steel pose from Derek. Detective Montana Grosso (Penelope Cruz) from Interpol would eventually ask the help of Derek in order to solve the mystery of the world?s most beautiful people taking selfies.

Mugatu returns

Will Ferrell will also return to the upcoming sequel as the evil fashion designer Mugatu. We still don?t know what Mugatu is up to on Zoolander 2 so we should keep an eye out for him. In the trailer, the villainous fashion designer just got out of prison but is still bent on being angry and destructive.

?Derek? and ?Hansel? previously showed up unannounced at the Valentino fashion show at Paris Fashion week just this year as part of a surprise teaser to reveal that Zoolander 2 is almost coming. The two fashion muses were wearing pajamas and trench coats, which amazingly looked good on them considering it was a first class fashion show, according to?Youth Health. ?They were seen backstage with Vogue editor Anna Wintour which alerted the audience that something extraordinary will happen,? Youth Health added.

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Source: The Telegraph

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