Zombies Run iOS and Android app: Outrun Mobs, Gather Supplies and Build Your Zombie Stronghold While You Work Out!

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The Zombies Run iOS and Android app is so engaging and fun that I don?t have to force myself to run every day. In fact, I get a little miffed if the weather or any other circumstances get between me and my 30-minute workout.

Why? Here?s what you get with the the Zombies Run iOS and Android app:

  • 60 workouts that are actually running missions for the Town of Abel, completely voiced. These missions are engaging and quite alarming and disturbing at times. The writers have a tight story on this one.
  • Zombie chases that come complete with a proximity warning and zombie sounds that make you feel that they?re nipping at your heels. Let?s just say when the game tells you to run?you?re going to run.
  • Your very own zombie stronghold that you build up with resources you get from running missions. Whenever you run, you pick up artefacts and resources. From what I understand, you use the sports bras and underwear packets you pick up to build your farms.
  • Distance, step and time calculations for your runs. You still get the basic metrics that free running apps provide when you track your workouts and it even takes note of your progress.
  • Extra missions for supply runs, air drops and non-story related workouts. When you don?t want to know what?s going to happen next or you want to build up your town more before going on to the next episode of the season, there are other runs to try.
  • Your own playlists incorporated in your workout. In between the radio transmissions and zombie proximity warnings, the app uses your own songs to furnish your running music.
  • Marathon and race training programs. An additional in-app purchase lets you unlock some workout programs that prepare you for marathons and races. These runs were developed by professional trainers, as the developers say, so you may be getting top notch advice there.

Why would you want to pay $4.99 for the Zombies Run iOS and Android app that can give you the same running functions as the free Nike+ app? I find that listening to the story while I run feels like I?m listening to an audio book where I am the main character. Along with the zombie chases, this app gives running a Walking Dead twist.

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