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ZMR : Zombies Monsters Robots Has Just Entered Open Beta

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En Masse Entertainment has just announced that Zombies Monsters Robots have entered Open Beta Stage giving players a preview on what the game is all about. ZMR is a free-to-play third-person shooting game where players can participate in co-op battles against enemies or against the players themselves. As the title suggests, the enemy horde you?ll be facing includes zombies, monsters, robots, dinosaurs, paranormal beings and many other out-of-this-world creatures ready to become your worst nightmare.

The game has already conducted 2 Closed Beta Tests where players had some log-in and server issues but Matt Denomme, the Producer of ZMR at En masse, said in a recent post:

?Everyone here at En Masse has been working hard on these issues and I am happy to say with confidence that these issues are resolved.?

Although the game is still in Beta Stage, many game modes and scenarios are already playable for you to choose from. Here?s a few rundown on what you?ll be experiencing in the game:


PvE Co-op modes. Players can choose whether to fight against militaristic interdimensional invaders or plagues of zombies in the battlefield. You can choose to start on small maps with limited number of players or take them head on in larger maps with more companions to fight with. You can also choose from increasing difficulty settings that promises rewards depending on the difficulty. In the highest difficulty setting called nightmare, players who only have nightmare tickets will be able to join. These are veteran players who?ve seen more blood and gore than anybody else out there.


PvP modes. Of course players have the option to test their mettle against each other. ZMR offers many scenarios for players like Deathmatch, Elimination, Free-for-All, Demolition, and King of the hill. You might already be familiar with those previous set-ups but ZMR has just recently added a new mode ? Mercs vs. Monsters. In M vs. M, players have to choose whether to be on the Dominion team, or be a part of the zombie horde. At the start of the game, all players have to start at the lowest rank: Dominion Scout or a Zombie Soldier. You will advance in rank and become stronger if you?ll be able to kill enemies so only those who are worthy can become a Dominion Tiger-Class Mech or the Zombies? Cursed Emperor.

Image Source: ZMR PvE / ZMR PvP

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