Zelda Breath of The Wild: Nintendo Switch Version Not Just A Port? New Content And What To Expect

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Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is probably the hottest Nintendo title coming in 2017. It was recently rumored that the Nintendo Switch version would not be a launch title. This has made some fans think that this version of the game might be a bit different. If true, this could mean that it won’t just be another Wii U port.

Of course, Nintendo has not stated anything yet. Breath of the Wild does not have a proper release date. All fans know is that the epic adventure will be available sometime next year. With the game possibly coming later than March, one has to wonder how this version will differ from the Wii U one.

A Page From Pokemon?

With Pokemon Sun and Moon possibly coming to the Nintendo Switch as Pokemon Stars, one has to wonder if something similar will be done. Zelda: Breath of the Wild likely won’t have too many changes from the Wii U version, aside from a few exclusive things. It will be interesting to see if these exclusives will be enough for some to wait for the Switch version.

As to what these exclusives can be, there will likely be new dungeons or weapons for Switch owners. That might not be enough for those planning to stick with a Wii U copy. Still, if the game does get a few exclusives, it might be great for future Switch owners.

Amiibo Exclusives?

Super Smash Bros. will reportedly be coming to the Switch as well, with reports stating that it would have Amiibos for Cloud and Bayonetta. Now that we know that the Nintendo Switch might have Amiibo support, it’ll be interesting to see if Zelda: Breath of the Wild has some. Perhaps a new Link Amiibo based on the new game will be made.

Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild will be coming to the Wii U and Nintendo Switch sometime next year. All we know is that the game might not be a part of the Nintendo Switch’s initial launch lineup. At Nintendo Switch’s launch, we might see a new Super Mario game, along with a port of Splatoon and Skyrim.

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