Zagg Invisible Shield Glass: The Ultimate Protection For Your iPhone

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Zagg Invisible Shield Glass: The Ultimate Protection For Your iPhone

The Zagg Invisible Shield Glass may perhaps be the best investment you can get for your new iPhone. Especially if you are one of those iPhone users who refuse to get a screen protector, because it removes the awesome look and feel of the original iPhone glass screen. Zagg fixes this problem by providing both protection and the original experience, with its tempered glass display protector.

Most iPhone users immediately get a screen protector in order to preserve the ?scratch-less? surface of their iPhone display. Not only because a scratched iPhone does not look good, but it also decreases its resale value.

However, most users (including yours truly), do not feel good about the feel and look that these screen protectors give to your wonderful iOS device.

With this in mind, the makers of the Zagg Invisible Shield Glass, created this unique display protector, that not only provides maximum protection for your iPhone, but retains the same look and feel that your original iPhone display projects.

Those who have tried it (I have yet to place my order), have posted feedback that does not include any of the usual regrets with using a screen protector.

Why is that?

The Zagg is a protector made from tempered glass, which not only provides more protection compared to the usual ?plastic-like? protectors, but retains the ?glass look?.

The Zagg, according to those who tried it, is easily installed in a few minutes. Just like putting on other protectors, you just need to clean your iPhone screen with a moist cloth (included) to remove any dust and particles, dry it with the provided microfiber cloth, and then place the Zagg Glass protector on your iPhone. Once it is attached, you simply need to rub from the center of the display to the edges to remove any air bubbles that may be trapped.

The beauty of the Zagg, the reviews say, is that you don’t even notice that a screen protector is attached. The .4 mm thickness of the Zagg is hardly noticeable, and the ?glassy? smoothness and rounded edges make it invisible to the eyes.

The reviews added that the display is as bright and clear, as if no protector was placed on it, and since the Zagg is oil-resistant, smudges and fingerprints are minimized.
Zagg users are hopeful that in the event of an iPhone accident, the tempered glass of the Zagg would absorb any force and break, before the actual screen gets a crack. And in case the accident breaks the Zagg, it comes with a lifetime guarantee.

For all this awesomeness, the Zagg costs a bit more than the usual protector. It is priced at US$ 34.99 dollars and comes not only for the iPhone 5, but for the iPhone 4, and a number of Android devices like the Samsung Galaxy S5 and HTC One M8, as well.

A Zagg for the iPad Air is also available for US$ 49.99.

The Zagg is also removable, so you can take it off, if you decide to sell and replace your iOS handset, and use it for your new iPhone device.

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