Zac Efron Tinder Revelation: Is Vanessa Hudgens Really Beyond His Reach Now?

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When things did not work out between Zac Efron and model Sami Miro, he reportedly tried to reach out to her High School Musical co-star and former love, Vanessa Hudgens. But it looks like his hot bod and sexy appeal are not enough to win her back. With Efron’s Tinder revelation, it’s safe to say that Hudgens is really far from his reach now. Otherwise, he wouldn?t be joining a dating site.

Efron and Hudgens dated for five years until they decided to split in 2010. Their on-screen romance in HSM eventually turned into reality but fans were greatly devastated when news of their breakup spread. Though Zanessa fans would love to see them together once more as a couple, it looks like this is not going to happen at this time.

It was stated that Hudgens has a lot of bitterness towards Zac and she promised that she is not taking him back anymore. Aside from these, she now has a new love, Austin Butler, and their relationship appears solid.

Efron?s efforts to talk to his love annoy Butler. A source told OK that Hudgens? current beau told her not to answer Efron?s calls as he is sure that the latter wants to get in the middle of their relationship.

Now it seems that Efron is going through a tougher time in his life. Recently, he tried his fate via Tinder, but failed as nobody swiped him. According to him, girls thought his Tinder profile was fake.

But it was really him. While some who got the app and could have seen his profile thought it was just a bored man cheating on his wife,Efron confirmed that it was really him, yet he wasn?t able to attract a single party.

Efron ended up saying dating is something he will never be able to do. He was referring with the dictionary meaning of the word. He said this is due to the fact that he brings an impact to a person?s life.


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