Zac Efron Meets Simone Biles: Here’s What Happened

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Zac Efron and Simone Biles

A kiss and some sweet moments happened when Zac Efron meets Simone Biles on Tuesday in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The latter, who recently won four gold medals and one bronze medal in the Rio Olympics, wanted to let everyone know that her celebrity crush kissed her on the cheek. The two also had some snaps and a short clip together. Biles preferred to be called Mrs Efron now.

The 19-year-old gymnast posted a photo of her and Efron on Instagram in which she announced that a kiss took place. It looked like she would pass out upon meeting the High School Musical star for the first time.

Biles had always been expressive about her admiration for Efron. On the Ellen DeGeneres Show, she received a leotard emblazoned with Efron?s face on it as a gift. She even has a cardboard cutout of her crush. Following their exchanges of tweets, the two have opted to meet in Rio.

Efron congratulated Biles on Twitter after qualifiying for the women’s gymnastics team finals. He also shared a photo of himself on social media as he watched the team in their games.

In a Snapchat clip, Biles couldn?t stop giggling as she was being kissed by the 28-year-old actor on the cheeks. But Biles was not the only one who could have butterflies in her stomach. Efron had also admitted that he was kind of getting nervous. But luckily, their first meeting ended up sweet.

Efron also admitted that Biles and her teammate?s stories just blew his mind. When he learned that they are his fans, he felt the need to meet them. He confessed that he was immediately captivated by Biles and her team. Efron added that they have such a heart and could tell that there is something exceptional going on.

As for Biles, a kiss from her crush could be her second best prize next to the Olympic gold. ?Dreams do come true in Rio.


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