Yuri on Ice Takes Over Social Media

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Yuri On Ice
Yuri On Ice

It’s inevitable. Yuri On Ice has finally taken over social media. Even if you’re not watching it, it’s impossible not to come across it if you’re active on social media. Fans love it for its fantastic figure skating scenes, cute boys, comedic spontaneity that can simply lift your spirits if you’re having a bad day.

You wouldn’t think anyone would pay attention to every detail, the intricacies of the plot and characters, but they do. They talk about it nonstop online. In episode 1, Victor saw Yuri’s skating through an online video. The anime’s ending sequence even features images from the social media accounts of its characters. Everyone is constantly seen with their hands on their phones. It’s like it’s glued there- permanently.

A Joint Experience

For a lot of fans, Yuri On Ice is a collaborative experience. The anime’s official Instagram account posted Victor’s visit to Hasetsu Castle following episode 2. Consequently, their Twitter account also follows plenty of famous figure skaters. And, a lot of them post YoI on their own social media.

Watching the anime and live tweeting about it makes for a richer, more satisfying viewing experience. Sometimes it even blur the lines between social media and the anime universe. A lot of times the twitter accounts and websites in the anime can be accessed by fans. They also post about it when they go to real-life locations featured in the anime.

In the end, the reason why YoL is such a big hit is because fans can truly relate and are engaged with this anime. Right now, its Twitter account has almost 150K followers and counting. So, as long as viewers can still feel a strong connection, YoI can go on forever. No kidding.

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