Yuri on Ice Episode 9 Predictions: What To Expect

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With only a few more hours before the release of Yuri on Ice episode 9, fans cannot stop thinking of what could possibly happen after episode 8. With Viktor out of the picture, how will Yuri Katsuki make it through the next leg of the free program?

What We Think Might Happen In Yuri On Ice Episode 9

If we look back to how this anime went, we could speculate what Yuri on Ice episode 9 will highlight. First is the possibility that Yuri Katsuki will go back to his previous state of being diffident and will lose his confidence once more.

With Yurio being just literally inches away from him, this will add more tension and self-doubt to the Japanese skater especially when he sees the improvement of the Russian within a short span of time. Yuri will fear that his version of ?Eros? will lose against Yurio?s ?Agape.?

The added mental stress will once again make Yuri lose focus on the performance ahead. In this state, Yuri will show inconsistencies during his practice and warm-ups, which will make him even more frustrated.

Being under the care of Yakov while Viktor is gone, all of Yuri?s flaws will be seen by Yurio. This will make the Russian skater burst out in anger. He would probably tell Yuri that he is still a worthless skater and is not even fit to be Viktor?s student.

Finally, the second part of the free skating program will commence and Yuri will try his best to regain his composure and self-confidence. But he will realize that things are not the same without Viktor beside him.

He will even feel more pressured as he sees how good Yurio, JJ and his other rivals perform. Then finally, it will be Yuri?s turn. But just in the nick of time, Viktor comes into the arena, straight from the airport to watch Yuri?s set.

Confidence?After Seeing Victor

Seeing Viktor once again, all of Yuri?s apprehensions, dreads and doubts will disappear and he will able to perform yet another perfect piece. Once again, the Japanese skater will wow the whole of Russia and will once again give him a standing ovation.

Viktor will once again be impressed with Yuri?s performance and reward him with another affectionate gesture (hopefully topping the ?hug? he gave during the previous episode). The performance given by Yuri could once again enter either second or third place, making him qualify for the next round of the free program.

Until the release of Yuri on Ice episode 9, this is a good theory to fantasize with. Fans are surely looking forward to the next ?affectionate? congratulatory gesture that Viktor would give and hope that his dog, Makkachi, would be fine.

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