Yuri On Ice Episode 8 Spoilers: Yuri’s Performance In Russia

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The most recent episode of Yuri on Ice has finally been released, and we get to see more beautiful skating programs from Yuri and his competitors. But what could be in store for him in Yuri on Ice episode 8?

After placing second in the Cup of China free program, Yuri Katsuki is now headed towards Russia, the country which Viktor has once represented in the figure skating competitions. There he will get to match up against the ?Russian Yuri? Yuri Plisetsky.

Yuri on Ice episode 8 will see the two compete against each other for the first place in the Rostelecom Cup. To add more conflict, Yurio (a nickname given to Yuri Plisetsky to avoid confusing him with Yuri Katsuki) has a bone to pick with Yuri. Yurio still wants to prove to Viktor that he is much more worthy to be his apprentice than Yuri and that Viktor has made a wrong decision on not choosing him.

Since Yurio has been training non-stop under the prima ballerina Lilia Baranovskaya, he is now more gentle and delicate in terms of his performance that would be fitting for the piece that Viktor has given him. ?On Love: Agape? was a totally opposite theme in comparison to Yurios? arrogant and callous behavior. But due to his extensive training, he can now probably have the upper hand.

Yuri on Ice episode 8 will also be a tough comeback for Viktor Nikiforov. After quitting the Russian figure skating team during the prime of his career, this will be his first time to return to his homeland as a coach. Eyes will surely be on him as the whole country will criticize his coaching techniques and prefer for him to return to his skating career instead.

All these factors will boil down to Yuri, who has such weight on his shoulders. For one, he has to beat Yurio to defend Viktor?s decision on choosing him. Two, he must not fumble to commit any huge error because his actions and performance will be a reflection on what type of coach Viktor is. Finally, he has to redeem himself from his miserable defeat during last year?s program.

Expect more drama, feat and even more perfectly performed figure skating in Yuri on Ice episode 8 titled ?Yuri vs Yuri! The Horror!! Rostelecom Cup, Short Program.? Make sure to watch on Wednesday, Nov. 23.

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