Yuri on Ice Episode 12 Release Date And Spoilers: Viktor And Yuri’s Relationship To End?

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The last part of Yuri on Ice episode 10 left a hanging question to everyone watching the series. Yuri?s statement shocked not only Viktor but also the fans watching the episode. Yuri on Ice episode 12 will definitely be a battle of the best after what happened to the competitors in the previous episode. Can Yuri Katsuki once again regain his confidence especially now with so much at stake for him?

What can we possibly expect from the upcoming episode? Here are some speculations based on the last part of the recent episode. This is the highlight scene that everyone did not expect to happen.

What could Yuri possibly mean when he said, ?After the finals, we should end this?? This can go either way. It probably means that he should end his overthinking and spineless-cowardly attitude. Instead of moping around in regret, he should use it as a driving force to become the perfect skater.

It can also mean that Yuri has given up on himself and thinks that Viktor is better off coaching another skater, someone who is more talented and confident than him.

Also we can see in the teaser for Yuri on Ice episode 12 that both Viktor and Yuri are serious all throughout. This is definitely different from the usual cheerful and carefree tandem that we are accustomed to. Seeing this, we can assume that they both decided on something that is of grave importance.

It could either be Viktor giving Yuri a new program that has the highest difficulty that Yuri has ever done. Or it can also mean that both of them disagreed on something and can?t seem to meet halfway.

Furthermore, we can assume that the next performance of Yuri is top secret. The trailer did not give us any hints or clues at all. Even his costume is hidden under his uniform. Better be ready then for a possible mind-blowing finale performance from the Japanese skater.

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Stay tuned for Yuri on Ice episode 12 which is titled ?Gotta Super-Super-Supercharge it!! Grand Prix Final Free Skate.? It will be aired next Thursday, December 22.

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