Yuri On Ice Episode 12 Finale: Two-Time World Champion Swiss Skater Joins Season 1 Finale

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The hit anime Yuri on Ice has been admired by athletes all over the world due to its detailed skating performances and precise program execution. Now there is another famous athlete that will join the anime in the upcoming Yuri on Ice episode 12.

After the debut of the Japanese figure skater Nobunari Oda in Yuri on Ice episode 11 as a rink side commentator comes yet another famous skater. Yuri on Ice episode 12 will debut the Swiss figure skater Stephane Lambiel in time for the season finale.

The official website for Yuri on Ice has announced the new addition to the anime series yesterday, December 19. The Swiss skater also stated that he enjoyed the whole process, from the pleasant atmosphere in the work area to the good staff who made the anime a reality.

Stephane Lambiel is both a figure skater and a choreographer. He is a two-time World Champion, a silver medalist in the 2006 Olympics, a two-time Grand Prix Champion and a 9-time Swiss national champion.

Lambiel will play as himself in the Yuri on Ice finale episode. There is still no news as to what his actual role in the episode will be. However, he can either be a judge in the competition or another rink side commentator. He can also appear as a special guest for the Grand Prix Finals. The list goes on until Lambiel or the producers announce anything.

The final episode will be aired on Wednesday, December 21, on TV Asahi in Japan. For other countries, it will be on December 22. ?Gotta Super-Super Supercharge it!! The Grand Prix Final Free Skate? is the title of the final episode for Season 1.

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From figure skaters to pole dancers, the Yuri on Ice fandom has spread across the globe indeed. This will make Yuri on Ice episode 12 a much-awaited bittersweet finale for all of its fans.

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