Yuri on Ice Episode 12 Finale Recap: Yuri Almost Wins Gold! Season 2 Teased

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Yuri on Ice episode 12 was truly the highlight of the season. We saw how each skater pushed themselves to the limits and even further just to get the gold medal. Each of them showed how talented and deserving they were for the Grand Prix Finals Champion title.

Yuri On Ice Figur Skating Drama

Yuri on Ice episode 12 starts off with Yuri telling Viktor that he wants to officially quit his figure skating career. On top of that, he also pleaded his coach to go back to being a figure skater and continue his rising career.

This idea angered Viktor and made him cry. He then tells Yuri that his decision was selfish and that he disagrees with the idea of Yuri retiring and him making a comeback. They both decided to make their final decision after the Grand Prix Finals are done. This made the atmosphere between them a bit off during the finals.

Yuri On Ice Episode 12 Performances

The ranking of the previous practice skate was once again used as a basis on who will?perform first. Since Jean-Jacques Leroy was in 6th place, he was the first to perform. Right off the bat, JJ missed his intro to the song which resulted in problems at the start of his performance. All throughout his performance we can see in his face how much he struggles due to the pressure he felt, but he manages to bring back his ?JJ Style,? making him get a total score of 300.62.

The second skater to perform was Phichit Chulanton. During his program, he fantasizes on his dream of having his very own skating show in Thailand. He also wanted to show everyone how fun skating is. Although he made a slight error in his first jump, he manages to get a total score of 289.56.

The next to perform is the Japanese skater Yuri Katsuki. Before he started his routine, Viktor gave him a quick pep talk, saying, student ?How much longer are you going to stay in warm-up mode?? This made Yuri almost cry with the thought of Viktor still believing in him after all his mistakes. This fueled Yuri?s fire once again and he flawlessly and perfectly executes his program, even perfecting the quad flip. This gave the Japanese skater a total score of 319.41, beating Viktor?s record score. This made him land in the first place.

The fourth performer is the eldest among the skaters, Christophe Giacometti. Thinking that this was his chance to win the gold, he tries to perform his best in his routine. But he realizes that he is no match against the younger and more talented skaters and he just enjoyed his program thereon. He bagged third place with his score of 290.69.

The fifth to perform was Otabek Altin who surprised everyone with how amazing his jumps and sequences were. He manages to grab the second place after Yuri with a score of 293.57. During his performance, Viktor approached his former coach, Yakov, and told him that he will be skating once again in the next Grand Prix.

The final performer was Yuri Plisetsky who was cheered on by both Yuri Katsuki and Otabek prior to his program. Among all of the performances, the Russian skater showed the most amazing and technical program. In the end he grabbed the first place from Yuri Katsuki by 0.12 points with 319.53.

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Yuri On Ice Season 2 Teaser

The final part of Yuri on Ice episode 12 showed that Yuri begged Viktor to once again be his coach until he reaches his goal in getting the gold medal. Afterward, the final credits show a black screen with a ?See You NEXT LEVEL? writing on it. Based on this ending, we can hope to watch more heart-stopping and groundbreaking performances from the Yuri on Ice cast if season 2 ever gets announced.

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