Yuri On Ice Comes To An End And Fans Are Pumped For Another Season

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Yuri on Ice

One of the most talked about topics this year that seems to circulate around every social media platform?Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, you name it?is the sports-comedy anime that made fans from different parts of the world go gaga. May it be over the shared smooch between our two favorite protagonists in the ?now famous episode 7, or simply the dynamics of Yuri On Ice. (But maybe more about the kiss, eh?)

Yuri!!! On Ice gets high praise from YouTubers

That?s right; Yuri On Ice (Yuri!!! On Ice, if we?re to be technical)?has taken the world of anime by storm.?It?is available to watch both on Crunchyroll ?and Funimation.

The show was a bona fide hit. Not only amongst hard-core weeaboos, but also to those who just hopped on for the ride. Fans may also have realized after the first few minutes of Episode one that they genuinely like it.

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Yuri on Ice

YouTubers have included in their vlogs comments of high praise with regards to the series. Legitimate, real-life ice skater Johnny Weir put his two cents in and had admitted his love for Yuri On Ice in an interview. Even South Park paid homage to the show by including them in the episode where Broflovski?s search history was revealed.

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The producers of Yuri On Ice might have appreciated the gesture too much that they made the younger version of Canadian skater Jean-Jacques “JJ” Leroy look like South Park?s very own Eric Cartman. Or his outfit, at least.

Yuri On Ice Season 2, Confirmed?

This anime series became one of the biggest hit of 2016, and also, arguably, one of the best things that happened to this roller-coaster of a year. As it came to an end on December 21,?so did the unanimous question that was inevitably asked by the viewers: When?s the next season?

Sadly, a second instalment has not yet been confirmed. Nonetheless,?with how things ended in the last episode, there?s a huge possibility that Season 2 would be just around the corner.

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