Yuri on Ice and South Park Trade Hidden Easter Eggs on the Shows

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Yuri on Ice has been one of the most successful anime series since it debuted earlier this year. It follows the story of Yuri Katsuki. He is an ice skater struggling to overcome self-doubt.

Yuri?s story appealed to many fans both domestically and abroad. It is an LGBTQ-friendly series. Even animated series South Park has also made subtle nods to it.

The final episode for Yuri on Ice Season 1 recently aired and it paid homage to the long-running comedy series. Fans were surprised to see one of the characters from the show?s finale dress up like Eric Cartman.

There was also a flashback scene that was obviously South Park related. The particular scene saw Jean-Jacques ?JJ? Leroy as a child. JJ was playing with snow. It was his outfit that actually caught the attention of viewers. He was dressed in a bright red jack. He had yellow gloves and a blue-and-yellow beanie.

So this was Yuri on Ice?s response to South Park. The latter included a reference to the show earlier this month. The American adult animated show featured character Ike Broflovski Googling the Japanese anime series. South Park has a reputation of referencing Japanese anime.

Yuri on Ice Finale Episode

The final episode of Yuri on Ice Season 1 has seen Yuri and Victor having a tense conversation. The lead character managed to complete his routine in spite of the tension. He was able to perform without any major errors. He even landed the quad flip.

Yuri failed to win gold in the end. It went to Yuri Pilsetsky. He is the Russian skater. The Japanese skater went home with silver.

Some fans were disappointed that the lead character did not finish the competition with gold. However, many are delighted because the result seems to be an indication that a second season is coming.

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