Yuri On Ice Makkachin Tissue Holder: Price, Release Date, And What To Expect From The New Merchandise

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If you have watched Yuri on Ice since the first episode, then you will be familiar with the big, brown, huggable poodle named Makkachin that made his debut as Viktor?s pet and companion. Now, the lovable dog will appear in real life as a Yuri on Ice tissue holder.

In figure skating, it is common that when a performance is outstanding, the audience either throws flowers or stuffed toys into the skating rink. This makes stuffed toys a usual item that skaters usually carry along with them. We can also see this tradition in the anime Yuri on Ice where Viktor owns a personalized tissue holder that looks like his adorable poodle named Makkachin.

The official Yuri on Ice twitter account also confirmed in a?tweet?that this newest product is a tissue holder. The first line of the message on the post reads: ?Finally! Makkachin tissue holder is set for release.?

The post also shows the design of the merchandise. So far, upon observation, it appears to be an exact replica of the tissue holder that Viktor Nikiforov always brings to every event Yuri Katsuki participates in.

Yuri On Ice Tissue Holder Price

The merchandise is said to be made up of fluffy ?poodle boa” fabric. The selling price of this item is 3,400 yen, which would be roughly around $30 USD. Expect this adorable piece of fluffiness to be available some time around the end of January next year.

More updates on the production of this item will be posted on their Twitter account. So be ready and wait for the finished product to see if it will really resemble the Makkachin tissue holder that Viktor owns.

Sure enough, Yuri on Ice fans will battle each other out just to get a piece of this merchandise for themselves. This will be a great add on to their collection along with the ?Scent of Love” merchandises that will also be available next year.

Now you can have a piece of Viktor Nikiforov and his beloved dog Makkachin with you wherever you go with this Yuri on Ice tissue holder.

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