Yuri On Ice Exhibit: Original Artwork And Materials On Display This Week!

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Yuri on Ice?s art is truly dynamic and majestic as it tackles on how complex and tedious figure skating is. Now we can add on to our collection of artworks from the famed sport anime found in the upcoming Yuri on Ice exhibit.

According to a report from the people behind the hit series, the upcoming Yuri on Ice exhibit is to be held from December 15 to 27. The said event will be held at the pixiv Zingaro gallery with free admission so everyone can enjoy viewing the artworks displayed.

Yuri on Ice Exhibit Merch

Aside from the tissue holder Makkachin and the Yuri on Ice perfumes that you can buy online, fans can now instantly purchase items from the event itself. These include items such as Yurio?s black lion printed T-shirt (US$19), keychains (one pack for US$5 and one box for US$28), mini paper boards (one pack for US$4 and US$37 for one box), badges (US$45.21 per box), acrylic charms (US$67.82 per box) and many more.

If you fancy something useful, the event also has an Artket (a cushion which is also a blanket as well) that is sold for US$37.70. There are also pouches available with different designs which cost US$9.40 a piece and microfiber towels for US$26. A scarf/towel hoodie is also available for US$39 a piece.

Those who will visit the Animedia shop booth will get a freebie totebag to help them carry their goodies in. Furthermore, if you are able to spend at least US$17.45 in purchase, you will get to receive one of the postcards personally drawn by Mitsurou Kubo. You can choose between Viktor, Yuri or Yurio. Well, at least while supplies lasts, that is.

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So better save up as much as you can while the event has yet to be launched. These collectibles will be a fine addition to your own Yuri on Ice exhibit.

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