Yuri!!! On Ice Episode 7 Spoilers: Yuklov To Reach Second Place?

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There was a lot of grace and elegance during the last episode of Yuri!!! On Ice. Each and every skater has done a wonderful performance befitting their unique characters. But Yuri was a standout and made it to first place in the beginning round. Can he keep up this winning streak in?Yuri!!! On Ice?episode 7?

Episode 6 Recap

Before we get into episode 7, here are the highlights of episode 6. Yuri’s friend, Thai figure skater Phichit Chulano, danced to the tune of “Shall We Skate,” who garnered?a score of 86.7 due to his jump mistake. Second to perform was Guang Hong Ji, who danced gracefully in sync with his French music.

Finally, it was Yuri’s turn. This is the third time we’ve seen him performing “On Love: Eros,” but this is far better and beautiful than his previous ones. He also landed all his jumps perfectly, even the quadruple ?Sal chow? he always misses. His perfect performance earned him a new personal best of 106.84 points.

Georgi Popovich gave a dominant and passionate performance with the theme of “Beauty and the Beast,” which he projected as a brokenhearted man who is trying to curse the girl who cheated on him. Next was Leo de la Iglesia who danced to an upbeat song “Still Alive,? making his performance a cross between figure skating and hip hop.

Last was Christophe Giacometti whose theme is the same as Yuri’s, but with a more mature portrayal to the song “Intoxicated.” His performance was better than Yuri’s, but he made a mistake in the first jump and was given a grade of 85.60.

Episode 7

The preview for “Yuri!!! on Ice” episode 7 shows that Yuri is feeling the burden of being the top skater and?nailing a perfect performance.This makes the other competing contenders all fired up and exhilarated to catch up to Yuri.

Chris, now in third place, is one of the greatest contenders. He is known to be bad at the start of a competition but is rumored to be a pro at catching up. There is also the Russian skater Georgi. Yuklov, the Russian team’s coach, still has some grudge toward Viktor for leaving the Russian team and becoming Yuri’s coach. He said ending up second in the first round was within his expectations and he’s not going to lose to a third rate coach (pertaining to Viktor).

With so many talented participants, the second round of the Grand Prix Series Opening Event in China will be more challenging and frightening for Yuri. This will be continued in “Yuri!!! on Ice” episode 7.

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