Yuri on Ice Episode 7 Air Date, Spoilers: Will Yuri Stay In Top Place?

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Yuri on Ice episode 6 showed stunning performances during the Grand Prix Series Opening Event in China. All of the contestants seemed to have done their best but no other performance was better than that of Yuri. He was the only one who was able to deliver a perfect performance and grabbed the top place for the initial round. Will he be able to keep it up in Yuri! on Ice episode 7?

The second round of the Grand Prix Series Opening Event is bound to take place in Yuri on Ice Episode 7. The preview for the upcoming episode shows Yuri being seriously nervous for his free program. It seems he is pressured by the fact that he currently ranks first. Will he be able to outdo his performance in the initial round?

In the previous episode, Yuri?s performance earned him a new personal best of 106.84 points. Viktor, of course, was happy and proud.

Chris To Take Yuri?s Place?

While it seems Yuri is not feeling so confident in the second round, his competitors are motivated to take his rank. Chris could be his biggest competitor now. He is in third place but he does well in catching up.

Fans can look into the possibility that Chris will eventually steal Yuri?s rank. Yuri?s mother said he is not used to being in first place. Will he give his rank up in Yuri on Ice episode 7?

It should be noted that Yuri has not perfected his free program yet. Although his performance in the Kyushu Championship in Yuri on Ice episode 5 highly impacted his career, things are going to be different this time. After all, circumstances are different in the Grand Prix.

Yuri on Ice episode 7 is slated to air on Wednesday, Nov. 16. Meanwhile, check out the promo video below. Keep reading TheBitbag for more Yuri on Ice updates and spoilers.

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