Yuri On Ice Episode 12 Release Date: Will There Be A Season 2?

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As we get closer to Yuri on Ice episode 12, the story is slowly drawing to its final conclusion. With that in mind, is there a possibility of another season for this franchise? If so, what can the fans expect from it?

Yuri On Ice Episode 12

Yuri on Ice episode 12 will feature the final stretch of the Grand Prix Finals. This will feature the team of Yuri Katsuki and Viktor Nikiforov. This episode will finally decide if the Japanese skater would be able to keep his promise, to both himself and Viktor, that he would win the gold medal.

Swiss Figuer Skater Stephane Lambiel?s interview?confirmed that episode 12 will be the finale of the season. Furthermore, Lambiel also confirmed that he will be joining the season finale episode of Yuri on Ice himself. This means that the upcoming episode will be the highlight of this Yuri on Ice season.

The next episode is titled ?Gotta Super-Super Supercharge it!! The Grand Prix Final Free Skate?. ?Expect it to be aired sometime tomorrow, December 22.

Yuri On Ice Season 2?

But will one season be enough to satisfy the storyline itself and the fans that have been religiously waiting for every episode to be released? Fans are begging for another season after the infamous ?after the finals, let?s end this? line of Yuri to Viktor post-credit scene in episode 12, which was left unanswered.

If ever there is a Season 2, what can possibly happen in it? We can speculate on several angles in line with the first season. First off is the possibility that Yuri will ask Viktor to return to the figure skating ?competition, but this time, as a competitor.

Since Yuri idolizes Viktor so much and vows to become even better than him, this could be another motivation for the Japanese skater. He could push himself even further and surpass his former coach Viktor.

Another speculation is the possibility that Yuri will realize that even though how much he tries, he will not be able to win the Grand Prix. Such attitude will make him once again sulk and feel unworthy. In turn, Yuri could decide to stop trying and finally quit his professional skating career.

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Regardless of what could happen in the future, make sure to tune in to Yuri on Ice episode 12. You would not want to miss the blazing battle of these graceful competitors on ice.?A Yuri on Ice Season 2 has yet to be announced, so we’ll have to wait for the producer’s official word if there’s anything for fans after the finale. The finale might also give some clues for a?possible season 2 for the anime.

Update: The final episode of the show has finally aired and based on what was shown, there’s an extremely high chance we’ll see a second season. You can check out or finale recap here.

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