Yuri On Ice Episode 11 Release Date And Plot: Yuri’s Big Finale

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After their well deserved rest and relaxation in the latest episode of Yuri on Ice comes the big day where rivalries will once again be felt. But what can possibly happen in Yuri on Ice episode 11 With the final stretch of the Grand Prix nearing it?s end, fans can?t help but wait and conceptualize what could possibly happen.

The only thing we know for sure that will be present in Yuri on Ice episode 11 is the debut of the newest addition to the Yuri on Ice family. This is none other than the famous real-life figure skater Nobunari Oda. His role will be a new commentator that will be reporting the highlights of the short program alongside Hisashi Morooka. Morooka is also voiced by a real-life commentator, Taihei Kato.

Yuri’s Performance

It’s possible that each of the participants will have their own secret routines that they will be performing for the first time in the competition. Yuri Katsuki might also perform a different routine than what was originally planned. He might also go with Viktor?s advise to ?skate what he feels to skate?.

Yuri might also finish his piece with the very difficult ?Quadruple flip?. This was Viktor’s signature move and the same move that up to now, Yuri cannot perfect.

With Yuri having more advanced and experienced opponents, he will have to do even more to reach his golden goal. The lineup consists of Jean-Jacques Leroy of Canada, Christopher Giacometti of Switzerland, Otabek Altin of Kazakhstan, Phichit Chulanont of Thailand and Yuri Plisetsky of Russia. All of them have wicked talent and amazing stamina that can be a grave threat to our Japanese skater.

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Yuri on Ice episode 11 will air on Wednesday, December 14. It will be titled ?Gotta Super-Supercharge it!! Grand Prix Finals Short Program.?, Mark your calendars for the start of the Grand Prix Finals.

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