Yuri on Ice episode 11 Recap: King JJ has Fallen, Yurio Beats Viktor’s Record! Yuri Yet to Perfect His Quad Move

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Yuri on Ice episode 11 definitely gave fans of the series a rush of blood. In this episode, each of the skaters are trying their all to rise above each other, and at the same time, top their own best personal scores.

Yuri on Ice episode 11 featured the pre-finals practice program that each skaters goes?through?before the main battle in Barcelona. Since they are to perform in accordance with their recent ranking, Yuri Katsuki is once again the first to perform.

Yuri’s Performance

The Japanese skater chose the song ?On Love: Eros” to accompany him in his performance. With the finals drawing near, all the participants need to increase the level of difficulty in their program in order to gain more points.

This is the reason why Yuri, even if he had a slim chance to perfect it, decided to risk having the dreaded quadruple flip included in his skate. Although his hand barely touched the icy floor, he had enough technical and choreography points to get a score of 97.83. But this slight misstep caused Yuri to feel pressured once more as he knelt on the skating rink shaking in frustration.

Competitors In Pre-Finals

Next to perform was the 5th place skater from Thailand, Phichit Chulanont. He decides to choose ?Shall We Skate” as the theme song of his program. He was able to do a flawless performance that gave him a score of 95.73.

The third skater for the practice performance is the Russian Fairy, Yurio Plisetsky who decided to go with ?On Love: Agape”, which was choreographed by none other than Viktor himself. His training surely paid off as he nails each and every jump sequence with either one or both arms up in mid-air, which increases its difficulty level.

Seeing his pupil perform so perfectly made Yakov, Yurio?s coach, realize that the 15-year-old skater has the same talent as the young Viktor. The end result gave him a score of 118.56 which helped him get to first place. Also, this not only set his Yurio’s best personal score, but it also beat the world record of Viktor?s highest score.

The fourth participant to skate is the infamous ?King of sex appeal” Christophe Giacometti who chose ?Intoxicated” as his piece. Although he managed to make an under rotated quad error, he was still able to get a score of 102.37, placing him second after the Russian Yuri.

The fifth skater to perform is the ?Dark Horse? of the competition, Otabek Altin. He has chosen the song ?Samarkand Overture” for his warm-up performance. This is the debut of the Kazakhstan skater?s program in the whole Yuri on Ice series. Otabek, cheered on miraculously by Yurio Plisetsky before his skate, took the second place from Christophe with a score of 112.38.

Fall Of King JJ

Finally, it was the gold-grabbing champion ?King JJ?s” turn to perform. Jean-Jacques Leroy chose ?Theme of King JJ” as his song piece. Among all the participants, this Canadian skater surprised everyone the most, in a bad way.

It seemed that he was caught up in the pressure of the Grand Prix finals, causing him to make mistakes on all his jumps throughout his performance. This caused him to be ranked at the last place with a score of 86.71. But his fans still cheered on for him, after all that has happened.

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With everyone trying to prove their worth, Yuri on Ice episode 11 was a breath stopping experience all throughout. What will unfold next? Find out on December 22 on Yuri on Ice episode 12 entitled ?Gotta Super-Super-Supercharge it!! Grand Prix Finals Free Skate.

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