Yuri on Ice Episode 10 Release Date: Viktor And Yuri Supercharge For The Grand Finals

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A lot of sentiment poured out as Yuri on Ice episode 9 unfolded. By far, this was the most demonstrative episode of ?love? in different forms, from the unconditional sibling love to ?friendly rivalry? affection. Now, Yuri on Ice episode 10 will definitely be more exciting.

The latest episode of Yuri on Ice was truly an emotional one. Not only because Yuri and Viktor are slowly maturing to have the ideal student-coach relationship, but we also saw how far a brother would go just to protect his sister, as portrayed by the siblings Sala (Sara) and Michelle Crispino.

We also saw that Yurio definitely has a softer side when it comes to Yuri as he offered his concern to the Japanese skater. It just goes to show that Yurio is not all the time stuck-up, rude and mean. With all these revelations unfolding, what can we possibly look forward to in Yuri on Ice episode 10?

The end teaser shows that the next leg of the competition will be set in December. Along with other new competitors that were talented enough to advance, Jean-Jacques Leroy, Yurio Plisetsky and Yuri Katsuki, who were the first, second and third place winners, respectively, will be added to the next round of the competition.

Way back in the road to getting the gold medal.ith the assumed ?proposal? of Yuri to Viktor to be his coach until he retires, the tag team will now do an even more intense training for Yuri to regain his momentum once again and make their w

Additionally, there could be a special surprise in store for Yuri in celebration of his upcoming birthday (as revealed by Yurio at the end of episode 9). What could Viktor give him as a birthday present?

Yuri on Ice episode 10 is titled ?Gotta Supercharge it! Pre-Grand Prix Final Special!? and will air on Thursday, December 8.

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