Yuri on Ice Episode 10 Recap: Flashbacks And Proposals Before The Finals

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Yuri on Ice episode 10 was a well-deserved portion for all the characters in the series. This was their time to relax, unwind and spend their free time as they see fit. Yuri and Viktor also manage to have some well-deserved rest and relaxation.

The recent Yuri on Ice episode 10 was mostly about revelations and background character stories as narrated and told in Viktor Nikiforov?s perspective. He starts off his storytelling with Christopher Giacometti of Switzerland, who is now the eldest skater (he is 25 years old) after Viktor decided to skip?this year?s Grand Prix.

Viktor apparently met Christopher during the Russian skater?s European Championship win. Christopher was still young and in the audience when he first saw up close how talented Viktor was. After that, Chris became present in all of the Grand Prix finals with either a second or third place along with Viktor who always bagged the gold.

His narration continues on with Yuri Plisetsky who, during his senior debut, has already qualified for the Grand Prix finals at the young age of 15. Affectionately called ?Yurio? after visiting Japan, the young skater has made an impact on the figure skating field which made his fans, called ?Yuri?s Angels,? tag along with him in every competition he participates in.

His next story is about Jean-Jacques Leroy also known as ?King JJ? of Canada. JJ has been consistent in grabbing the gold medal. This pisses Yurio off, since they keep on competing against each other.

This is then followed by Otabek Altin from Kazakhstan. This 18-year-old skater used to train under the same coach Yurio and Viktor had at the start of his career, but later on migrated to different countries to further perfect his training. At the latter part of the episode, we see that Otabek saved Yurio from his fans and asked his former Russian teammate to be his friend.

The next skater is Phichit Chulanont of Thailand. He is Yuri?s first ever friend in the Grand Prix Skating competition. Phichit and Yuri go way back to as far as him being the Japanese skater?s rink mate in Detroit. He is the first Southeast Asian to qualify for the Grand Prix Finals.

After their practice skate for the day, Yuri decides to ask Viktor to tour him around Barcelona instead of resting. This ends up with Yuri buying a golden ?lucky charm? couples ring, as his gift for Viktor?s birthday (which is on Christmas Day) and thanking Viktor in front of the ?Sagrada Familia? church. Viktor also told Yuri that he should show the ?skating he liked best? on the finals.

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Yuri on Ice episode 10 ends with everyone reminiscing the blunder Yuri did during the last Grand Prix banquet. Also, all the competitors show how desperate they are with getting the first place when Viktor said that Yuri promised that he will bag the gold medal. For sure, the next episode, Yuri on Ice episode 11 ?Gotta Super-Supercharge it!! Grand Prix Finals Short Program,? will be heated up.

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