Yuri On Ice Episode 10 Praised By Pole Dancers?

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After?Yuri on Ice Episode 10?showed amazingly difficult pole dancing positions, fans are going even more gaga over the series. This shows how versatile and talented the characters of the series are. Now, the anime is not only praised by Japanese figure skaters but by pole dancers as well.

Yuri On Ice End-Credit Scene

Praises for the episode’s?end-credit portraits of Yuri Katsuki and Christophe Giacometti doing a pole dancing scene?be found on togetter.?This ?spectacle? was due to Yuri being too drunk and Chris, well, just being Chris.

This particular scene caused more fans to rave about how awesome these skaters were. If you look closely enough, Yuri and Chris actually did real-life pole dance poses which are considered to be?quite difficult to pull-off.

Yuri On Ice Episode 10 Pole Dancing Moves

We did a little bit of research in order to check out the pole dancing moves one by one. First we see Yuri doing a pose called ?Superman? which is very difficult to perform, particularly for male dancers, but is considered an easy one to master.

The next scenes are from Chris, which are more advanced and difficult to execute, but doable with enough practice. By enough, we mean a LOT of practice, since these moves are too difficult that even pro-pole dancers are having a hard time to master them.

Chris showed moves such as ?Screw Grip Handspring,? ?Ballerina? and the extremely hard ?Spatchcock? (which was originally created by the two-time World Pole Dancing Champion, Felix Cane) that seemed to be a tribute to the creator of the said pole trick.

Finally, there is a tandem of Yuri and Chris doing ?the ?Jade Split? and the combination of the ?Frog? and ?Layback?. These two combination poses need extremely high stamina and concentration in order to perfect.

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What was more surprising in this Yuri on Ice?Episode 10 end-credits scene is how Chris?s choices of pole dancing moves are of far advanced moves. This could possibly reveal that not only is Chris a talented figure skater but he is also a devoted pole dancer. Well, that explains how he got his ?oozing sexuality? aura for his performances.

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