Yuri On Ice Episode 10: Amazing Real-Life Side-By-Side Images Of Barcelona!

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Yuri on Ice episode 10 was mostly about the characters Viktor Nikiforov and Yuri Katsuki having a grand tour around Barcelona. Not only does the anime series creators boast about the accurate figure skating and pole dancing stunts, they also pride themselves in making detailed background art for several episodes.

Yuri on Ice episode 10 also paid homage to the well-known tourist spots found only in Barcelona, Spain. Thanks to some accurate pictures from Tokyo Otaku Mode, viewers can now appreciate the anime and Barcelona even more.

Recreating Real-Life Landmarks

The episode starts with Viktor narrating the episode and showing where the skaters are checked in. To our surprise, the hotel actually exists in real life and is called ?Barcelona Princess Hotel? (which they changed to ?Prince Hotel? in the episode).

First up is the scene where Phichit Chulanont takes a selfie of himself with the ?Sagrada Familia? as his background. We can also see how majestic and beautiful the architecture of the building is especially when it is lit up during the evening.

In the next panels we can see Viktor and Yuri touring around the streets of Barcelona. In this chronological order, we can spot Yuri and Viktor taking pictures in front of Sagrada Familia and eating an authentic Spanish dish called paella.

The third panel is taken on top of Arenas de Barcelona which used to be a former bullring that has been converted into a shopping mall in 2011. The exact area where they are standing is the rooftop terrace of the complex. Behind them we see the Plaza Espanya, the National Art Museum of Catalonia and the Venetian Towers.

We can also see some landmarks in the scene where Yuri and Viktor just finished shopping and Yuri sits down a bench to rest. This landmark is known as Casa Batllo, which is located along the Passeig de Gracia, is considered the most luxurious shopping street in all of Barcelona.

The next scene is where we see Yuri Plisetsky being saved by Otabek Altin. They go to a place that has a high balcony. This building is known as the?Sala Hipostila? (Doric Temple). As Viktor narrates how the Russian Yuri and Otabek have something in common, there are a few areas shown in the background that resembles ?Park Guell.? Furthermore, the scene where the sun sets also shows a Barcelona landmark called ?The Hansel and Gretel gatehouses?, is located at the entrance of Park Guell.

We can also map out that the scene where Yuri is looking for a present to give to Viktor is actually the ?Fira de Santa Lucia Christmas Market? which is located in front of the famous Sagrada Familia cathedral. The cathedral is also the background art in the scene where Yuri and Viktor wore their ?promise rings.?

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Come to think of it, most Yuri on Ice episode 10 backgrounds are of famous landmarks of Barcelona. The anime truly paid particular attention to details to make the feel of the episode more believable.

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