Yuri On Ice Characters: Viktor And Yuri’s Origin And Design Detailed By Mitsuro Kubo

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Every artist and writer has a muse or a person that they use in order to create the perfect character for their stories. Yuri on Ice writer, Mitsuro Kubo, has also done this for her main protagonists, Yuri on Ice characters Viktor and Yuri.

Kubo?s Yuri on Ice character, Viktor, was inspired by a real person according to an interview by Animage. She further stated that she had two muses in creating Viktor?s persona and appearance.

She also stated in the interview that she wanted to make the characters as new and fresh as possible. As for Viktor who holds the title of ?the legendary skater,? Kubo looked for someone who has that same drive and aura for Viktor?s skating career.

Apparently, there is someone who fits the role perfectly. He is none other than the Russian skater Evgeni Plushenko. This powerhouse skater has won four Olympic medals, three World Championships and many more titles.

Aside from Plushenko?s amazing figure skating record, Kubo also paid homage to the skater?s infamous ?pointer finger to the lips” moment. During one of his programs, the Russian skater signaled the audience to keep quiet by doing the aforementioned sign.

In the anime, this was turned into Viktor?s mannerism. He usually rests his pointer finger on his lips from time to time.

Even if Kubo?s character was inspired by Plushenko?s skating career, she does not want people to watch the anime and say ?Oh, Viktor is the anime version of Evgeni Plushenko.? So she decided to totally change Viktor?s looks.

During her project tour in New York, she happened to watch a musical titled ?Hedwig and the Angry Itch?. That?s where she saw her muse for Viktor?s appearance. He is the actor/stage play artist John Cameron Mitchell.

What drew her to this artist was the sheer fact that, even in his fifties, he still manages to have his sensuality intact. His fans also adored him?despite his age. Kubo also used the actor’s hairstyle and trademark semi-heart shaped lips to give Viktor both his sensual yet adorable appearance. This perfectly explains how Yuri on Ice Viktor came to be.

As for Yuri Katsuki?s appearance, Kubo wanted him to look as normal as possible so that when he enters the rink, he will embody a totally different persona. This is true to real life skaters. They look so much different on ice as compared to their real appearance.

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Kubo also made Yuri have weak eyesight to depict that most skaters really do have poor eyesight. This is caused by the glare of the ice, which is a health hazard to them.

Kubo made Yuri the embodiment of a figure skater’s physical appearance. From his simplicity down to his flaws, Kubo was able to pay homage to these talented athletes in her Yuri on Ice characters.

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