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Yuppie Psycho, The First Job Survival Horror Indie Game You Should Be Looking Out For

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Yuppie Psycho
Yuppie Psycho

Indie games have been gaining a lot of well-earned attention since 2015. Indie game developers are pushing better and more games each year, that even big game analysts are starting to pay their respects as well.?With the rise of the horror genre for both big triple A titles and indie games alike, you can expect more great horror titles to rise soon. One indie game you should be on the lookout for is Yuppie Psycho, the first job survival horror indie game. And here?s why.

Yuppie Psycho

Yuppie Psycho is a survival horror game that happens in an office, the real life horror setting that we can all relate too. Yupie Psycho is the latest game made by indie studio Baroque Decay. The same studio responsible for the respectable indie horror game The Count Lucanor.

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You play as Brian Pasternak a new employee who’s just trying to settle in his new job when he slowly uncovers the horrors that await him in his new powerful company Sintracorp.

He ended up in Sintracorp after answering the call of a mysterious letter inviting him a position there. Little did he know that his real new job will have him hunt the witch that had made the corporation such a success to begin with.

The game is set during the 90?s and creatively uses anime-style imagery in all its cut scenes. The game also boasts a great soundtrack made by the same composer Va-11 Hall-A?s soundtrack.

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If you want more info on Yuppie Psycho, we have the details on the game?s features from its Steam Page!

  • Exploration: You can visit different departments of the building through with the elevator.
  • Conversation: While you wander the halls of the building, you?ll be able to interact with your co-workers to learn of new revelations.
  • Stealth: The corridors of this company aren?t safe at all… creatures and bizarre employees will force you to hide and, if all else fails, run!
  • Decisions: Your decisions throughout the game will dictate how your playthrough?s ending will play out.
  • Lighting: You?ll encounter different dark paths full of lurking unknown creatures. But you?ll have different means to light your way.
  • Puzzles: The game is full of puzzles for you to solve! But can you overcome all the riddles and challenges before the witch can catch you?

Yuppie Psycho is currently going through Steam?s greenlight process. If you like what you see so far, then you could help get it up here!

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