Yu-Gi-Oh! The Dark Side Of Dimensions Trailer: Plot and Characters Revealed In Official Comic Con Release

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Yu-Gi-Oh! The Dark Side of Dimensions Trailer

There seem to be many following the footsteps of Warner Bros. in releasing ?exclusive? Comic Con trailers just like the ‘Suicide Squad‘ to the public, and even anime movies like Yu-Gi-Oh! The Dark Side Of Dimensions has also made their trailer available for everyone to view.

Fans of the animated series went nuts when it was finally revealed that the long-awaited series is finally being released again since a teaser was shown in late 2014.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Manga will be celebrating it?s 20th anniversary next year, and the movie is the ultimate celebration. This was revealed during the recently-concluded San Diego Comic Con and no less than creator Kazuki Takahashi helmed the panel.

Yu-Gi-Oh! The Dark Side Of Dimensions Trailer

Although the ?trailer? was described as more of a hype clip than an actual movie trailer, many of the fans still decided it was worth the wait.

The most exciting part of the trailer was the new villain. According to Idigitaltimes, it?s not clear?what motive they have for the story but we get to see what he looks like and that, as usual, Yugi and Seto Kaiba will be dueling but with brand new duel technology.

It was revealed during the Comic-Con presentation that Kaiba will develop a new technology that will change how the characters duel. From the looks of the trailer it seems that Kaiba has developed Duel Gazers that are used in Yugioh Zexal.

Although lacking in plot, the trailer does show that the whole original cast will be there. Joey, Tea, Tristan and Bakura are shown briefly and we see an older Yugi looking a lot like the Pharoah.

The movie is also expected to have a ?darker? feel to it, so fans are expecting a lot of mayhem from the new villain.

Character sketches of Yugi, Kaiba, Joey and Tea were shown with slight redesigns. Yugi is a bit older looking, Joey also looks a little older but Takahashi assures his personality hasn?t changed much. Tea, as most anime girls go, is sexier and has ?leveled up.?

Takahashi redesigned some of the classic monsters like the Blue Eyes and Dark Magician, with the former evolving in the film

The movie takes place six months after the end in the manga, so that definitely means that Atem won?t be in the cinematic version.

Yu-Gi-Oh: The Dark Side of Dimensions will be released in the Spring of 2016 in Japan, and later in the year for the rest of the world.

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