?Yu-Gi-Oh!? Creator To Publish Manga Soon Before ?The Dark Side of Dimensions? Film

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?Yu-Gi-Oh!? creator is taking a big step before the launch of the film. And this is definitely a good news to all card lovers and of course, Yu-Gi-Oh! addicts out there.

As revealed by Anime News Network, the creator of the manga Kazuki Takahashi is currently doing a short manga series to be published on Weekly Shonen Jump magazine.

You have to secure yourself one, as the two-part manga series will link to the forthcoming and even highly-anticipated ?Yu-Gi-Oh!: The Dark Side of Dimensions? anime film.

So when will it be out in the market? According to the article, the first part will be released on April 11 (yes, only less than a month left!). Expect the second part on April 18 (yes, just one week after the first one!!). These releases will coincide with the launch of 19th and 20th issue of Yu-Gi-Oh! Cards.

Meanwhile, the film will premiere on the 23rd of April in Japan and later this year in the international market. As for the film itself, Takahashi is also the in charge of the script and designs of the upcoming movie. It was also revealed in the article that the film has sold the highest number of pre-sale tickets when it comes to any Toei Animation film. You might want to watch it as there will be complimentary cards to be distributed to those who will watch the movie.

So who will be joining the cast? Well, here are they, as posted in the article of Anime News Network:

ShunsukeKazama as Y?giMut?

KenjiroTsuda as SetoKaiba

Hidehiro Kikuchi as Hiroto Honda (Tristan Taylor)

Hiroki Takahashi as KatsuyaJ?n?chi (Joey Wheeler)

Junko Takeuchi as MokubaKaiba

Maki Saitou as Anzu Masaki (T?a Gardener)

Rica Matsumoto as Ry?Bakura

Kento Hayashi will play an integral role in the movie as he takes on the his first voice acting part, playing the character of Aigami. He will also be joined by Kana Hanazawa, who will portray the role of Sera and Satoshi Hino, who will be Mani in the film.

The person behind Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal and ?Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal II, Satoshi Kuwabara, is directing the film.

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