YrStore : Design and Print Your Own All-Over T-Shirt

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8-10BizideasYrStore : Design and Print Your Own All-Over T-Shirt

(Here is Part 8 of our ongoing series on ?10 Great Tech Business Ideas For 2014?. For those who missed Parts 1 – 7 , please see below for the links. – Editor)

The past few years have seen ?personalization? of products and services become increasingly evident for consumers. This has made the market more demanding in what they want, where they want it, and when they need it.

However, in the field of garments like Fashion T-shirts, customers normally have to settle with either one or two of these criteria.

They can get the clothes they want instantly in retail stores but would have to be satisfied with existing designs that may not be favorable to their body and personality.

They would also have to travel to stores that would carry the fashion line that they want, usually all the way to another city, or even state, where fashionable designs originate.

For those who want their own designs made, they need to have the garment made in advance as it normally takes weeks before a printer can fully create their designs, and often in fabrics that are not to their liking..

Just like our other featured articles in this series, technology once again comes to the rescue.

Technology and a shop called YrStore, located in Carnaby Street, London.

YrStore is a ?pop-up store? project that fully applies the limits of textile printing technology for the fashion industry. The store enables its customers to design their own ?all-over? shirts and garments inside the store and immediately ?Print? them into a finished wearable item.

Visitors to YrStore immediately sense the ?difference? of the shop with traditional clothing stores that feature racks of shirts and outfitted mannequins. Instead, they are treated to a personalized ?hands-on? software program where they can create garments that express their own unique individual personalities.

YrStore is currently a trial project and is not a permanent fixture. Fashion and technology experts though believe that the concept and principles behind YrStore gives consumers more involvement in their buying experience and a taste of what the future of the fashion garments industry will be.

They also point out to other notable ideas in the industry such as Fabrican, a ?spray on? garment tool from Spain that may make fashion design and creation ?home-based?.

Watch out for Part 9 of our series where we will feature a platform that turns Blog Feeds into a TV Show!

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