YouTube Rewind 2016 Released: Wildest Videos Caught on Cam in 2016

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YouTube Rewind 2016

YouTube Rewind 2016 is finally online. Like its predecessors, this year?s video treat is definitely a hit. What?s the big deal about such YouTube year-end clips?

YouTube Rewind 2016: Memories

Apparently, the special thing about this highly anticipated presentation is the collection of the world?s trending topics all year round. Surprisingly, YouTube Rewind 2016 could be the longest installment of the online clip-sharing site since 2010.

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Established six years ago, YouTube Rewind lists the Top 10 videos of the year. The most notable entry so far was in 2011, when Rebecca Black posted the infamous Friday video.

The ?showrunners? even did better the following year, featuring K-pop star Psy in his viral blockbuster song known as Gangnam Style. It scored a record-breaking 2 million views, providing both YouTube and Psy with a staggering $2 million in paid advertisements.
Moreover, just three years ago, YouTube featured the now loved rewind button. It also started including hit memes and monumental events to compliment the music and viral clips.

For its part, 2014?s entry displayed the nostalgic moments of the ?Ice Bucket Challenge?. Finally, last year was a little extra special because it was the site?s 10-year anniversary.

It then used #YouTubeRewind for the first time and the crew shot the scenes from various beautiful locations.

YouTube Rewind 2016: What?s in it this time?

Well, you could either read this article or go to YouTube and see it for yourself. (Go back here and finish reading afterwards, of course)

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If you chose the former option, Dwayne Johnson, better known as The Rock, is part of the YouTube Rewind 2016. Why? Because the Hollywood wrestler just started his own YouTube channel few months ago.

Other featured clips include:

  • PokemonGO
  • Mannequin Challenge
  • Bottle Flip
  • Running Man Challenge
  • The Pineapple Apple Pen song

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