Your phone can survive a four feet drop, only if you are using this bamboo-based phone case

Plus, it can minimize your carbon footprint because it’s eco-friendly and definitely compostable

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Phone cases these days are easily replaceable because it’s usually made of materials that break easily like plastic and low-grade silicons. Not just that, it results in even more plastic waste. Fortunately, many accessory brands offer protective cases made using responsibly sourced materials and one of our favorites is the CASETiFY CONSCiOUS phone cases.

The CASETiFY CONSCiOUS line of classy phone cases is from a bamboo-based material blended with plant-based starches to create a material that mimics traditional plastic. Why? Because this material decomposes via microorganisms into carbon dioxide and water in a properly managed composting facility.

Casetify’s compostable and biodegradable cases are engineered with high-tensile material to protect your phone from drops or scratches. They are military-grade 4ft. drop-proof approved, no joke. Tests have been conducted to prove it can withstand the length of the drop.

Although Pela created the first compostable case with over 10 years on their belt, CASETiFY is the first to make it customizable. You have the option to design your bamboo fiber phone case with your choice of fonts for engraving. Casetify says its “innovative laser engraving machine can accurately describe the design without using any chemicals or toxins, reducing the burden on the environment.”

Eco-friendly: “Protect your Tech, protect our planet”

Casetify is on a mission to raise environmental awareness by creating products that keep up with our needs and yet do not harm the planet.

Every accessory in the collection is 100% compostable and biodegradable. It will mix seamlessly back into the earth after use, with no toxins left behind. The packaging is from 100% recycled paper and free of virgin plastic to help lighten its footprint.

While we love the style and protection smartphone cases bring to our delicate phones, the sad truth is that using plastic cases often will only end up in the trash when we no longer need them. Now more than ever do we need to be more conscious of the things we consume if we want to protect the planet. It’s time to consider switching over to a sustainable phone case like Casetify Conscious phone case line.