Your Name Full Movie Online: Popularity Driving Tourism To Actual Movie Setting

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Your Name Full Movie Online

Because of the success of Makoto Shinkai?s latest movie, Your Name, fans all over the world became curious about the town of Hida. Hida is where the movie took place and it actually exists in real life. Since Your Name full movie has become available for streaming online, the growing number of viewers are boosting tourism in Japan.

About Hida, Japan

Hida City is in the Gifu Prefecture of Japan. Since the movie?s release, their tourism had them earn about 18.5 Billion Yen. Tourism was boosted as fans of the film visited and made pilgrimages to the region.

The town has began offering a ?Your Name pilgrimage tours? to milk its newfound reputation. You can now explore the town and snap photos of the iconic places that can be found in the movie. One of these iconic places is the Hida Library. Fans have now branded this library as their holy grail and a must place for selfies.

Hida is also currently selling their version of ?Holy Land Sake?. Sold at 3,240 Yen, fans go crazy trying to bring this souvenir back in their homes.

However, the town of Itamori, which was beautiful and breath-taking in the movie, is a fictional place. Though surely, Shinkai pulled a lot of inspiration from real-life locations in Hida and all over Japan.

Your Name Full Movie Online

About Your Name Full Movie

For the first time in thousands of years, a comet has fallen in Japan. This is a story of Mitsuha, a high school girl who feels trapped living in the countryside, and Taki, a talented artist/high school boy living in Tokyo. One day, both of them had a dream of switching places ? ?Mitsuha dreamt that she was a young man living the life of Taki, while Taki dreamt he was Mitsuha, attending high school in the countryside. Soon they find out they were not dreaming and that they are actually switching places, back and forth, in real-life. Sleep somewhat triggers it. So how did this happen?

The movie is indeed a classic piece that will linger in your heart after seeing it. Be ready for a downpour of all sorts of feels. You?ll laugh, cry, fall in love and perhaps become nostalgic. Your Name movie is definitely a movie you wouldn?t want to miss.

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