Your iPhone will never drain its battery as long as you have this magnetic wireless battery pack!

Fill in your iPhone12’s need for extra power with this wireless battery pack

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iPhones have this reputation of going easily low batt, especially since apps drain the battery and it can kill your phone before the day’s end. When that happens, and there’s no outlet in sight, a battery pack like the Hyperjuice Magnetic Wireless battery pack will be your best bud.

Hyperjuice Magnetic Wireless Battery Pack is a wireless charger with a secure magnetic attachment designed for all kinds of iPhone 12. It can quickly charge two devices simultaneously with a high-quality 5000mAh battery pack. It works by magnetically snapping to the magnets of the iPhone 12, with no cable necessary, and they provide a decent boost when you need them.

This charger has a compact, lightweight, and ergonomic design for on-the-go charging that does not get in the way of the phone or camera functions. It even keeps your devices safe with industry-leading advanced temperature control, overcharges protection, and foreign object detection.

Here’s why Hyperjuice Magnetic Wireless Battery Pack is one of the best battery packs for iPhone12:

I wanted a magsafe charger and found this product and it does what it needs to. Although the magsafe charge output is 12W (not the Apple certified 15w) it charges at a decent pace, you have the USB c port option which charges quickly. The magsafe charging is good for one full charge and i can get away with 1.5-2 full charges via usb c.

Amanda G.

The brand Hyper only makes groundbreaking Apple & mobile accessories. From HyperDrive to HyperJuice (World’s first MacBook battery pack), to iUSBport (World’s first wireless USB port) and iStick® (World’s first flash drive for the iPhone), HYPER has been going over and beyond, making products that exceed expectations and inspire the industry. Often imitated but never duplicated, you will not find ordinary here.


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