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The Young and the Restless Spoilers: August 25, Adam in Trouble, Summer?s Engagement is Interrupted.

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The Young and Restless? spoilers are out! Adam takes an unexpected turn while Summer?s engagement gets interrupted by someone!

The Young and the Restless is set to air on August 25. The episode will be filled with drama. The episode will have some focus on Adam, how he copes with himself and his progression with losing control over his own emotions.

He?s already pretty glum for having been locked up for a murder that he didn?t do. Adam, in his depression over the situation, even goes so far as to starve himself. He then triggers a hallucination of Victor as one of the prison guards.

While Adam goes through his own ordeal, Summer and Luca get engaged. However, some of the cast isn?t exactly excited to hear about the engagement.




Here are the Spoilers:

The much anticipated episode will return to Adam and look at his prison life up close. Adam then gets himself in a pretty difficult situation.

One television spot of The Young and the Restless? upcoming episode gives additional insight for the episode. Adam is shown handcuffed and on his own ankles. Chelsea then says the ominous words: “Please, show him some mercy because no one else has.”

Adam was taken for assault. Michael continues to help Adam out and even goes so far as to try to save him. Adam then decides to make a decision that would could change everything.

As for Summer and Luca?s relationship, the two continue to celebrate their engagement but Summer?s family doesn?t share their sentiments. Summer?s family is quite against the engagement.

In the TV promo, Noah even tells Sharon and Phyllis: “Put the dress down, okay, Summer’s not marrying that jerk,”

Finally, Summer and Luca?s engagement party gets a sudden surprise visitor. Summer?s brother, Daniel Romalatti makes his return to Genoa City for the engagement.

With Daniel?s sudden return, Summer is without a doubt surprised. Summer say: ?”Oh my God, Daniel, you came!”

Daniel seems to be supportive of the engagement as he tells Summer: “I wouldn’t miss it for the world,”


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