Young Justice Season 3: Season Premiere Air Date Announced; What Happened To The Flash?

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Young Justice Season 3

A?lot of fans has been?longing for the return of Warner Bros. Animation?s young superheroes series. Fortunately, Young Justice Season 3 has just been announced a few weeks back.

Young Justice Season 3 Air Date

Unfortunately, WB Animation appears to be keeping Season 3 under wraps. Essential details such as premiere date is going to be revealed later, says WB Animation. However, knowing that the production has already started is more than enough to hype the fans.

According to WB Animation, the new season comes with the new threats towards the young superheroes. While there are not many details regarding the upcoming season, rumors suggest that it?ll give closure to what had happened in Season 2.

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Young Justice Season 3

Previously On Young Justice

As fans might recall, the young Flash has gone missing after sacrificing himself for the sake of the people. That being said, the upcoming season is likely to reveal what happened to him and if he?s able to return to the team.

Young Justice Season 3: Predictions

Furthermore, Screen Rant came up with a conclusion regarding the possible characters of Season 3. They speculate that there?s a high chance that Indigo is going to be in it. Indigo is a young woman android with numerous abilities such as flying and an influence over technology.

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That being said, Indigo might play a huge role as a villain who was once a friend. In addition, Jesse Quick may also appear in Young Justice Season 3 alongside Cyborg. Both characters are capable of assisting the speedsters in fighting enemies.

Additionally, each and every superhero in the series is going to be explored in the Season 3. However, rumors suggest that these young superheroes are bound to meet more enemies as well as more threats.

Young Justice Season 3: Greg & Brandon

On the other hand, producers such as Greg Weisman and Brandon Vietti are making their return to the series. The two are well known for their work on Batman: Under the Red Hood, Superman: Doomsday, Star Wars Rebel, and Gargoyles.

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