You Really Need A MAC To Do That?

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I truly think that Apple makes THE best hardware in the computer industry. While I hate the fact that their mice only have one button, I can’t think of any other company that makes peripherals, computers and MP3 players that are as solid as Apples. I’ve dogged the MAC many times and didn’t appreciate the OS until OSX came out. If I could build my own MAC I’d probably have one right now. Their pricing structure is keeping me PC but I still marvel at how awesome Apple’s products are. The one thing I’ve always had animosity against was MAC users.

Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t have anything against most MAC users, but being a PC man I’ve been under fire for many years by them. I wouldn’t call it direct fire but more of a collateral damage. I constantly hear them tell me how you need a MAC to do this and a MAC to do that. “Hey I need to edit a movie!” “You’ll need a MAC to do that.” “Hey I need to record and mix music!” “You’ll need a MAC to do that.”? WTF?!?! This isn’t 1994 anymore. PC’s have come a long way. Why am I still hearing this bullshit rhetoric from MAC users?

I was talking to two graphic designers. They both had MACs but there was also a PC in the office. I was checking out their WACOM tablet and inquiring about what they do. The girl said, “We do graphic design and comic strips.” I eagerly replied, “Wow that’s awesome! I do video editing on my PC and I’m considering a Wacom tablet for art.” She then dropped that statement that MAC users often drop on me, “Yeah well you really need a MAC for this.” I wasn’t in their presence to discuss computers and refrained from debating the issue.

So why is it that MAC users still think that you have to have a MAC for graphic design, desktop publishing and video editing? Yeah you can use a MAC for all of those things but a PC will do just fine too. Where does this ideology come from? I know back in 1994 you literally needed a MAC to run Photoshop and Quarkexpress. If you wanted to edit videos in the home, yeah you needed a MAC. It’s now 2007 though. As a matter of fact, all new MACs are based on Intel PC hardware. So what gives?

Maybe people who use MACs have been using them so long that they don’t really know how powerful PC’s are. A graphic artist does not make a geek. So that’s understandable. There are however, some other MAC pundits who still insist on the need for MACs for no rhyme or reason. I’ll never understand this unless I hear it from a MAC user. Please, post your comments.

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