You Can Now Watch Vertical Videos on Android and iOS

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Accidentally recording a video while holding your smartphone vertically is not a frequent occurrence for long-time android and iOS users, but when it does happen, you and many others won?t have a pleasant time watching the video on YouTube and other streaming sites.

The continuous improvement and ease of using technology has brought numerous people to forget or forego doing the most basic things the proper way.

But it seems that the streaming giant has grown sick of tolerating vertical oriented videos. Maybe they noticed that vertical videos on YouTube immediately drives viewers away. Or they may have given-in to the urge of people who don?t want to stop shooting vertical videos as they have now allowed users to tolerably watch vertical videos on YouTube.

The Android and iOS version of YouTube has now fixed the experience of?watching vertical videos as it now removes the black frames when viewing videos on full screen, a report said. YouTube users on mobile devices will now be treated with a true full screen experience. You can download the new feature in YouTube here.

People have long been sick of watching vertical videos as some people have even made a campaign to drive awareness of the ?Vertical Video Syndrome?. With the fix, you can now ask your grandparents or children to take videos without worrying that the result may be downright horrible. Whether it encourages people to continue taking horizontal people is yet to be seen.

Even with YouTube enabling users to tolerably watch vertical videos, watching one is still not a satisfying experience as you know that you are wasting a lot of view that you could have potentially captured on the frame, well unless you were deliberately trying to hide someone or something in the scene. And if you really just want to get a small potshot of video-recording to hide something, don?t resort to shooting horizontal videos because it isn?t pleasant to watch. You can opt to just zoom-in the video or just move closer to your subject.

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