You Can Now Share Your Trophies Over The Interwebs

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Get your Portable ID!

PSN now has a trophy sharing feature. Just like you can share your Xbox Live gamercard over the net, you can now share you PSN trophy list. Just log into and get your PSN Portable ID to flaunt your trophies to the world!

Now you can display your skills proudly—


• Access everyone’s trophies for undeniable bragging rights
• Compare with your friends—and your opponents
• Up the stakes and compare trophies within each game
• Track your progress to the next level against friends:
Who will get there first?
• Show your competitive edge as you track your progress within game against friends
• See what trophies you have and what you still need to unlock for each game
• Use the sorting features to plan your game domination
• Friend or foe? See who’s online when you play

Stare down your competition

with your PlayStation®Network Portable ID:

• Take your unique PSN ID with you on official game sites, social networks and other third-party sites
• Show off your profile including trophies and level status
• Build your reputation: Your Portable ID links to your public trophy page

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