You Can Create Your Own Mods in GTA 5 for PC

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Almost a year after its console release for the Xbox and PS3, GTA 5 will be finally coming to the PC. That goes without saying that PC users will have an improved experience from the highly rated game.

Rockstar Games?promises that Grand Theft Auto V for the PC will ?take full advantage of the power of [the] PC.? Enhanced graphical detail, improved AI system, new wildlife, and more complicated weather and damage effects will be just some of the improvements to be delivered on the PC platform.

They said that Grand Theft Auto V for PC will be the biggest, most dynamic, and the most diverse open world ever created, which will now be packed with tons of new detail. Now, that gets us all excited!

On the whole, GTA 5 for PC will have better details, atmospheric effects, and better dynamics than the console version.

We all know that exploring the world of GTA is already a tad of fun itself. But there?s even more reason for us to get excited as PC users can still have the fun and leisure of creating their own mods. If you have played GTA 4 in PC, then this must not be something new to you. Similar to the previous GTA titles, PC users have the privilege of customizing their own game experience through creating their own mods. Some note-worthy examples would be the shark and Iron Man mods.

Mods are alterations in the program code of the game to customize the graphics and gameplay to your own liking.

Besides from customizing your mod, Grand Theft Auto V for the PC will also feature a video editor designed for advanced movie-making.

The console release of Grand Theft Auto V for the PS3 and Xbox 360 broke records as it generated more than $800 million in revenue within its first day of release, selling around more than 11 million copies of the game. And just 3 days after, it already surpassed $1 billion in sales. It eventually became the biggest digital release for the PlayStation 3 in less than a month.

Aside from the PC version, the Grand Theft Auto V version for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are expected to hit the market sometime during the fall.

Are you as excited as us for the PC release of Grand Theft Auto V?

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