Yoona Leaving Girls Generation To Focus On Acting After The K2? Group Facing Stiff Competition From TWICE, Blackpink?

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Yoona of Girls Generation recently starred in The K2, but said that she was not completely satisfied with her performance. Fans can only wonder if the pop star intends to focus on K-dramas and eventually leave her group.

The speculation is not completely impossible since acts like TWICE and Blackpink have been more visible nowadays. Is it time for the pop star to prioritize acting?

The K2

The 26-year-old played the lead role in the TVN drama alongside Ji Chang Wook. She portrayed Go An-Na, the illegitimate daughter of a famous presidential candidate.?


Screenshot from TVN’s official YouTube page

Her mother died mysteriously when she was young and she grew up blaming herself for it. Go An-Na reluctantly resurfaced during election season. However, she had to be kept a secret to protect her father?s candidacy. Her stepmother hired a bodyguard (Chang Wook), whom she eventually falls in love with.

The K2?s racy storyline, action sequences, and political themes got the attention of many K-drama fans. However, some reviews pointed out that the image of Yoona in Girls Generation conflicted with her character.


Will Yoona (center) leave Girls Generation?

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Not satisfied

The singer-actress admitted in a recent interview that she was able to re-think after watching the series herself. According to Yoona, she realized that there were scenes wherein she probably ?could have done better.?

?I thought I gave my all? but now I?m not satisfied,? the Hallyu star explained. She added that the only convincing scenes where the ones where she and Chang Wook made out. ?Those turned out better than expected,? she said.

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TWICE and Blackpink

Because of her statements, it is likely for Yoona to redeem herself soon by doing another K-drama. However, starring in another TV project will most likely eat up her schedule. This was evident in The K2, where they stayed abroad for weeks to film important scenes.

If she will focus on acting, it is unsure what will happen to Girls Generation. Yoona has been part of the group since 2007. The eight-member pop act is behind songs such as I Got A Boy and Run Devil Run.


TWICE and Blackpink

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Other Hallyu girl groups, such as TWICE and Blackpink have been getting more attention lately. As such, it might be time for Girls Generation to give other acts a shot at the limelight.

TheBitBag will be on the lookout for official updates on Yoona and Girls Generation regarding this speculation.

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