Yogventures: A Failed Kickstarter Project

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A familiar Youtube channel, Yogscast, raised a Kickstarter funding back in 2012 to create its own video game, Yogventures. The crowd funding went smoothly as they have raised $567, 665 to fund ?its entire project. However, recent reports stated that the development of the said game was cancelled.

Winterkewl, a?6-men team developer, was said to be the one responsible for the cancellation of Yogventures. ?In an interview with Eurogamer, Yogscast founder Lewis Brindley stated:

?The failure of Yogventures is a matter of deep regret for the Yogscast, we put a lot of faith in the developer Winterkewl, including allowing them to use our likenesses and brand. However the project was too vast in scope to be realised and despite a huge amount of hard work from Winterkewl they have had to abandon it.?

Yogscast has reacted in dismay with regards to the cancellation of the project. As it leaves the backers of the game and also their avid supporters, nothing. But despite all of that, Yogscast promised something else for them. Yogscast subsequently offered the backers with a Steam key for another open-world survival game, TUG.

Yogscast also announced that they have no responsibilities regarding the failed Kickstarter project. But they will do their best to keep the fans entertained as they are looking for other ways to set things right. One of the many things that they will do is to give all the backers of the project a Steam Early Access key for Nerd Kingdom?s TUG. TUG, according to Yogscast, is the closest resemblance to Yogventures. Yogscast and Nerd Kingdom signed an agreement to become partners of the said project. Thus, replacing Yogventures entirely.

However, with all the offers that Yogscast gives to their backers, most of them might still want a refund. If that is the case, Yogscast will have a bigger problem since there are more than 1000 ?who pledged 90$ to the project. But, according to the FAQ page of their Kickstarter project, they are not obligated?to return nor provide anything for its backers. This is just one of the many risks of crowd funding.

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