Yo Now Has A Parody App Called YOLO – And Yo Is Not Happy, Tries To Pull It From App Store

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Yo determined to get parody app Yolo out of the App Store along with other Yo clones

Yo is determined to get parody app Yolo out of the App Store along with other Yo clones.

The developers of Yo, a single-word messaging app that only sends ?Yo? to its users, has recently filed a complaint with Apple?s App Store citing the removal of a parody app called YOLO.

The app?s mechanics is as simple as it?s name; it only sends the word along with audio notifications to other users? Yo friends. But its functionality and growing userbase has been gaining traction as evidenced by recent news of the Yo app being used by Red Alert Israel to warn Israeli people of impending missile attacks.

Yo was developed by Or Arbel and was released to the Android and iOS platforms on April Fools Day earlier this year. Since then, the app raised about $ 1.5 million in funding, which is surprising given it?s simple premise.

Due to its popularity, Yo has gained a number of rip-offs in recent months; aside from YOLO, other notable Yo clones are Yo! Hodor, AHOY, Arnold, and Oye! The dev behind Yo is apparently tired of them; according to a report from TechCrunch, Yo?s creator has filed a complaint with Apple request the removal of YOLO which he described as ?a complete fake copy of our Yo app.?

For the unfamiliar (and we bet there are many), the alleged parody app YOLO basically sends timestamps to other users. And oh, those virtual hours and minutes labels comes with the word ?YOLO.? Although that concept is odd in itself, that is also similar to what Yo has been doing since its launch.

Betty Xi, one of the people behind YOLO, said that their app was obviously built to ?poke fun at Yo.? Sharing other people?s dilemma, she further said, ?With a product as fragile as Yo and the app being so easily duplicated, how can people claim this product is worth $10 million??

Xi has even gone far as to state that YOLO is not a parody app and is entirely different from Yo. Most people who have gotten their hands on both apps are not really comfortable with that statement. Aside from the apparent similarity in functionality, YOLO?s app icon also has the same purple color as Yo. Even it?s name has ?Yo? in it. But then again, it?s up to Apple to decide on that ?problem.


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