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?Yo-kai Watch? Game Review Compilation: Critics Impressed With New Nintendo 3DS Game

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Is this the next Pokemon? Maybe. Find out with the list of reviews for Yo-kai Watch. Yo-kai Watch is the newest game to be released for the Nintendo 3DS, it features cute and cuddly creatures that you can tame and collect, the same way with the Pokemon games. It already has spanned its own merchandise and an animated series in Japan, the Western areas have not experience the magic of Yo-kai Watch until now. But does it have the same magic similar with Pokemon that made it a hit in all over the world? The list of reviews from popular game media shared their feedbacks about the game, let?s see if Yo-kai watch is a hit or flop.

IGN 7.2 out of 10

As an RPG, Yo-Kai Watch mostly fumbles its battle system and creates a relatively passive experience. However, I adored exploring every corner of its compelling world. The low difficulty ultimately works in its favor ? I was always eager to move on to the next charming character or compelling idea. Yo-Kai Watch is a ?kids? game? that doesn?t talk down to or sugarcoat darker themes for kids, and I appreciated not being talked down to either.

Polygon 7.5 out of 10

It’s a wonder, then, that Yo-kai Watch kept me entertained despite its shamelessness in advertising other products. With a combat system that really shines during the slower-paced, strategic boss battles, Level-5 has created a game that’s successful in its own right, and not just as an advertisement for a broader product line. Yo-kai Watch offers a lot to really, really like, even if it doesn’t exactly revolutionize kid-friendly, monster-collecting RPGs.

Gamespot 7 out of 10

Yo-kai Watch is driven by the personalities of its Yo-kai, and it’s easy to get wrapped up in training your Yo-kai to your specific tastes and tackling tougher demons. The writing is delightful, combat is unique and entertaining, and even though the map leaves much to be desired it’s fun to follow along with the story looking for the paranormal. Although navigating the world can be tedious and frustrating, the allure of building a diverse team of exotic Yo-kai pushes your exploration forward. You’re constantly moving, searching for a specific Yo-kai, hunting down a mysterious item, or working your fingers muscles executing Soultimates. It’s a neat twist on the creature-collecting game with a lot of heart.

So far Yo-kai Watch looks more of a decent game, but it is all up to the audience on how they will treatment the game.

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